Women’s Evening Fellowship

WEF 2014

This social group will become a daytime group and following a meeting on Tuesday 28th at 2pm more details will appear here.

Women of all ages are welcome to share in Christian Fellowship together.

Our winter session offers a varied programme of talks, demonstrations and social evenings.

During the summer months we meet fortnightly and we welcome you to join us for coffee and conversation at the homes of some of our members or at the church. We also enjoy quizzes, walks and other outside events.

As well as providing a varied and interesting programme each week we like to offer pastoral support and care for all our members and share God’s love within the fellowship and beyond.

Please join us if you can, for further details contact our Secretary, who may be able to introduce you to a member living in your area.

Meet: TBA

Contact: Margaret Taylor – office@parkavenue.org.uk