Purpose & Vision


Know God
Love God
Share God


To see Park Avenue grow and continue to be a welcoming, outward-reaching, diverse, all-age Christian community. To be diligent in helping those who are in any need and to be disciplined in prayer, bible study and worship for all those who know God, who are searching for God and those still to be reached


By recognising Jesus as our Lord and Saviour and through the Holy Spirit given to us

  • to provide quality of worship and teaching to meet a variety of needs
  • to maintain an open and welcoming fellowship
  • to provide a network of pastoral care which provides support for members and adherents in their daily lives.
  • to work with other Christian centres and caring agencies in meeting the needs of the community
  • to share in mission and Christian events with other churches in the area
  • to nurture children and young people in the Christian way of life and help them explore the call to follow Christ
  • to manage the various resources of the church in an effective and efficient manner for the benefit of church members and wider community

Park Avenue Methodist Church agrees with the current policy of the Methodist Chuch of Great Britain. It is our intention that all members, leaders and those visiting the premises should experience a safe and secure environment in which to enjoy their activities. We expect all who use our premises to be aware of the implications of this policy, and to comply with it to the best of their ability. Outside users must comply with this policy or that of a similar policy recognised by another agency that is party to current legislative requirements. We whole-heartedly encourage and support the leaders of our groups in all that they do for the well-being of those who attend the various activities throughout the week.