On September 10th 1925, the Park Avenue Church and schools were opened. Councillor J. W. Arnold unlocked the doors and invited the crowd that had gathered to enter the church, saying that he hoped the new church would be what Kettering Road had proved to be – shelter from storm, light in darkness, strength in weakness, comfort in sorrow.

The guest preacher was the Rev Dr F W Norwood of the City Temple, London, who preached a sermon of great power on the words of Gamaliel ‘if this work be of God, ye cannot overthrow it’ (Acts 5: 39). After the service Mr C J Pearce declared the school open.

So began ‘The Park Avenue Story’ and now over 90 years later, the building has seen many comings and goings and changes. Following Methodist Union in 1932 the original building has had extensions added, principally:

  • The Minor Hall opened on March 7th 1933
  • The ‘Quiet Room’ – New Hall – in 1962
  • The Jubilee Room (and replacement of the old kitchen) in 1975
  • The new entrance and redevelopment scheme in 1998.

Over 90 years on Charles Wesley seems to have word for it all:

‘And are we yet alive, and see each other’s face? Glory and praise to Jesus give for His redeeming grace.’


Current Ministry Team:

Rev Romeo Pedro (Circuit Superintendent)  2014-Present
Rev Phil Snelson
Deacon Richard Beckett  2011-Present
Rev Alan Sharp 2018-Present
Rev Francis M’Itiiri 2018-Present

Previous Ministry Team members:

Rev Glayne Worgan 2006-2011
Deacon Maureen Spinks 2006-2011
Rev Phil Taylor 2009-2012
Rev Martin Swan 2005-2014
Rev Nutan Suray 2012-2014
Rev Tina Swire 2011-2018
Rev John Marriott 2014-2018

Previous Ministers

Rev JJ Reeves
(Circuit Superintendent minister)
Sept 13th 1925 – July 1926
Rev Leonard Tudor 1926-1935
Rev Edward McLellan    1935-1940
Rev Lawrence H. Wood 1940-1944
Rev Norman Povey 1944-1946
Rev John H. Watkins 1946-1952
Rev Henry T. Wigley 1952-1960
Rev Dr W. Lawson Jones 1960-1967
Rev Gordon W. Argyle 1967-1971
Rev Reg Bedford 1971-1977
Rev John Searle 1977-1983
Rev Brian Tebbutt
Rev Michael Jackson 1990-1998
Rev John Johnson 1998-2002
Rev Dave Tomlin 2002-2007
Rev Andy Brooks 2007-2009
Team Ministry 2009-present